Toyota 4Runner handles like magic and boasts high off-road capabilities, making it a highly popular SUV among consumers and among our team at Toyota of Clovis. Luckily, Toyota 4Runner has as much power and beauty under its hood as it does on its exterior. Here are two features to illustrate what we mean.

Super-Sturdy Roof Rails

What good is an off-road vehicle without durable roof rails? Toyota 4Runner's roof rails are engineered to let you tie down all your gear, materials and goodies for weekend getaways or extended trips to the outback. Tie down your kayak, camping gear or even some precious furniture when it comes time to make a big move.

Projector-Beam Headlights

We love projector headlights for driving during late nights in Clovis or down country roads in low-light conditions. Projector headlight assemblies contain special interior reflective mirrors that focus the emitted light into a strong beam. The beam extends hundreds of feet in front of your ride, delivering intense light over a wide swath of road and land with minimal light loss.

See the Toyota 4Runner's many features today. Pop into our dealership for a pleasant test drive.



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