A trip of 300 miles from home doesn't seem that long until everyone in the vehicle finishes all they brought with them in the first half-hour. For the rest of the trip, no matter how long, these fun road trip games can help keep the peace. These are some games that we at Toyota of Clovis highly recommend.

To really get your mind going, a game of "Would You Rather?" is just what the doctor ordered. This game, which has players choosing between two opposing situations, can get truly zany as family members try to stump each other with crazy scenarios. Just as fun is "Celebrity." To play, one person chooses a celebrity. The other players then ask questions of that person, who then answers the questions as if they were that celebrity.

The only celebrities you'll find at our service center are you and your vehicle. We'll treat you like royalty as we work to prepare your car for your next big trip.



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